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maio 2012



Brave New Word

Escrito por , Postado em Curadoria de Conteúdos em Arte Contemporânea

Legs. A world of legs. Her colleagues had no idea of that world, for all of them were taller than she was. They might’ve lived there one day, but they had left it behind already. She hadn’t. “Hey, Shorty!”. Someone called for her. It was Caíque. Bia ran towards his voice dribbling the legs along the way. Legs of tall people, but who were not adults; they were… campers! That’s it! The other children on the school tour were distant by then, while she lost herself in the world of computers, simulators, panels and screens that could be seen amidst the legs. “Bia!”, Caíque insisted. He was her best friend and would never let her get lost; he would rather get lost with her. “Caíque, I want to go to that computer, over there!”, and she was already there, tied to a notebook as if both of them were only one thing hybrid of keys and fingers. Caíque ran to the booth and right behind him came the school’s supervisor, gasping: “No, no. We’re going to the Digital Inclusion room, there are lots of computers there”. “Aaahhh…”. They went to the room. Included themselves into Twitters, Orkuts, Facebooks. Talked to each other through the computers, being sat side by side. “Bia…”. “Sshh, Caíque, talk only in the chat!”. Caíque saw the supervisor’s fatigue reflected on his computer’s screen. He also saw an opportunity. “Bia, let’s go outside again!”. Sneaking out, experiencing silence, they went back to the brave world of legs. “Caíque, now I want to play!”. “Play what, hide and seek?”. “No, Caíque, I want to play in the simulator! I haven’t still flied over the mountain range of the Andes, I haven’t faced a flock of birds, and I left an emergency landing on the water frozen”.

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