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abril 2012




Escrito por , Postado em Curadoria de Conteúdos em Arte Contemporânea

Every year São Paulo hosts the Campus Party, the biggest global technology event. And I am always there, learning and watching. These chronicles are the result of my observations. They gain their bodies from living experience mixed with imagination. They reveal the most humans motivations that walk alongside technology. In 2012, british artist Neil Harbisson spoke to thousands of campers interested in meeting the first cyborg in the world. Neil can’t see the colors, he hears them. A chip embedded in his brain made him the first being to mix his humanity with machines. His unique perception of reality was the theme of his lecture. But the cyborg plays a background role in the following chronicle, the first one of a series, that shows us that we can take the mixtures of our humanity a lot further…


She left me behind. Went on holding the woman’s arm. I would do it better, of course; I would walk a bit to the right leaving her more space to pass through the door. But I had to stay and wait. What if I were a female dog, instead of a male? Would they allow me to guide her to the toillet? Sometimes I don’t get the rules of the humans… and they have rules for everything, even to parties! It’s a party here but everyone is studying all the time, tied to their computers as if they were one thing only. Different rules! The skinny boys she asked to watch me are cool, I’m watching them too. But the people who come and go seem to be nice, they smile to me. I smell her return. She’s back! Let’s go! She’s here because of the the cyborg-boy, one who can hear colors. She wants to hear him; she wishes she could see the sounds, could see everything, I know. Last night she dreamed she was a cyborg-girl who saw the sounds. I slept at her bedside, could see the dream very clearly. My bark was golden like my fur, that’s the way she saw me. The boy’s speech’s begining. I’ll take her right in front of the stage, so she can hear him well. I like him, beautiful thoughts. He is a cyborg because he’s human mixed with machine… like the people in the party and their computers… lots of cyborgs here! Me and her are mixed too. Does she know? She’s smiling now but her face is not looking at he boy, it’s looking at me. She knows. And my doubts tickle her making her smile. I’m happy. If she sees the world through my eyes then she’s seeing everything in a golden light now.

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