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abril 2012



Free as a Software

Escrito por , Postado em Curadoria de Conteúdos em Arte Contemporânea

Free as a software

Her glasses fell down. Again. Again she climbed down to catch them, but this time she received her glasses from the hands of a boy sitting next to her on the workbench at the computer´s arena. He might´ve been there for a time but she didn´t even noticed it. She didn´t smile to him. The brackets on her teeth increased her shyness and hindered her smiles. She thanked with a quick nod, even quicker put the glasses back and dived into her notebook´s screen. Dived into the screen as she dived into the ocean, and could breathe better in the water than in the air. Submerse, her moves expanded. She was a creature of the deepness and her thoughts felt free under that heavy solitude. Free as those lines of code she wrote were free. Within that territory of mixed electrical impulses, from her brain and from her machine, she could do it all. The free software she was creating solved advanced problems. She, fearless, controlled reality. Everything mathematically precise, right, free. And light. She felt that she floated on those waters. She had come out of her own deepness and, this time, she brought with her a brand new courage. The boy by her side on the workbench was a creature of the surface. He smiled to her. She then thought how good it could be to breath a little air.

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