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agosto 2012



Haptic InterFace 2012: Call for Participation

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Haptic InterFace 2012 is a 10 day workshop and exhibition taking place from November 10th to 20th in the Wearables Lab, an innovative trans-disciplinary laboratory at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

In this participant-driven workshop will be encouraged to collaborate, mashup materials and technology and find ways to let innovation happen in real-time, facilitated by a team of experts and support staff.

With wearable tech experts like Nancy Tilbury from Studio XO leading this workshop,  this event is not to be missed!

The Call for participation has been extended for the FT community so please apply today!

Download the Call for Participation

Details below:

The Wearables Lab at Hong Kong Baptist University is hosting an international event called Haptic InterFace 2012. It consists of a 10-day workshop and an exhibition running parallel.

Haptic InterFace Workshop will be take place in November. International specialists from various disciplines coming together for 10 intensive days of hands on creativity to prototype new ideas about the body and technology. As researchers we work in increasingly individualised yet networked societies, but are still using old maps to navigate these new spaces. The underlying hypothesis of Haptic InterFace is that an ethos of collaboration and real-time feedback may generate effective and engaging research environments by blending haptic and cognitive praxis with play. Our aim is to provide a space where professionals and creative thinkers from a range of backgrounds explore the borders between art, science and technology.

This workshop will run parallel with the Haptic InterFace Exhibition. It will feature art/design/multi-media work in the form of body related works from leading artists and designers around the world. Concepts/prototypes developed in the Wearables Lab will be added to the core exhibition at the end of the workshop.

We identify your website and your community as possible participants in the event we are organizing. As we have a very impressive line-up of international artists, we will like to invite your community to be part of this event. I would like to know the process for advertising these events in your news. I am sending to you our press release and please let me know if your required other information.

Also we know about your work and all your importante contribution to wearable computers community. Please receive this email as an invitation for being a participant in this event. We will love to have you in our workshop, working together with this amazing group of people.

Our website: hapticinterface.hkbu.edu.hk

Haptic InterFace Workshop November 10th – November 20th

Haptic InterFace Exhibition November 19th – December 20th

Applications Deadline: 01st August (Deadline Extended)

* Published: FashioningTech, July 31, 2012.

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