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abril 2013



10a Conferência Internacional sobre Preservação de Arquivos Digitais – iPRES 2013

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As iPRES são uma série de conferências internacionais que abordam as prátcas pertinentes ao campo da preservação digital. Desde 2004, as conferências iPRES são realizadas, anualmente, em diversos paises. No ano de 2013, Portugal sedirá a 10o iPRES que será realizada entre os dias 02 e 05 de Setembro, no Campus Alameda, no Instituto Superior Técnico – UTL, em Lisboa.


A iPRES-2013 será em paralelo a DC-2013 (Conferência Internacional sobre Dublin Core e Aplicações de Metadados), evento que discute a gestão e preservação de metadados e vocabulários descritivos relacionados aos patrimônios culturais e científicos. Interessados devem enviar proposta de apresentação até 21 de abril de 2013.

Confira o regulamento | http://ipres2013.ist.utl.pt/:

iPRES, the major international conference on digital preservation, will be held at the Instituto Superior Técnico,Lisbon, Portugal, from 2-5 September 2013. The conference invites original contributions addressing a wide range digital preservation challenges.

Papers, posters and demonstrations, panels, and workshops topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Innovation in Digital Preservation: Novel Challenges and Scenarios; Innovative Approaches; Preservation at Scale; Domain-specific Challenges (Cultural Heritage, Technical and Scientific Processes and Data, Engineering Models and Simulation, Medical Records, Corporate Processes and Recordkeeping, Web Archiving, Personal Archiving, e-Procurement, etc.);
  • Systems Life-cycle: Specific Digital Preservation Requirements and Implications in Modeling, Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance;
  • Governance: Risk Analysis; Audit, Trust and Certification, Trusted Repositories; Information/Data Quality;
  • Business Models and Added-value of Digital Preservation: Benefits Analysis, Emerging Exploitation Scenarios, Long-Tail of Digital Preservation;
  • Theory of Digital Preservation: Interdisciplinary Modeling, Representation Concepts, Incentive Structures;
  • Case Studies and Best Practices: Processes, Metadata, Systems, Services, Infrastructures
  • Training and Education.


  • Full and Short Papers: Full papers (8 to 10 pages) must report research work with proved results. Short papers (4 to 6 pages) can focus in new challenges and work in progress. All contributions, which must report on novel and previously unpublished work, will be peer-reviewed by at least 3 members of the scientific Program Committee. The accepted papers will be published in the iPRES-2013 proceedings (in digital form). Best papers will be recommended for publication in archival journals.
  • Posters and Demonstrations: Submissions (2 to 4 pages) are encouraged for posters reporting on emerging issues or work in progress, and also for demonstrations of innovative solutions. All contributions will be peer-reviewed. The accepted posters and demos will be published in the proceedings.
  • Panels: Proposals for thematic panels to be held during the main conference program can be submitted by 3 to 5 experts. Acceptance will be judged on the merits of the proposal and relevance for the expected audience. Proposals must detail the subject, motivation and panelists.
  • Workshops: Acceptance will be judged on the merits of the proposal, requirements for its organization, and local capability to support it (which should not be a major constraint).
  • Tutorials: Tutorials must be on a single topic, addressed at either an introductory level or an in- depth, expert level. Submissions, for tutorials should include a brief abstract and an outline of the content, the duration (half-day 3 hours or full-day 6 hours), a description of the intended audience and the expected learning outcomes, and a short biography of the presenter(s).
  • Doctoral Symposium: iPRES-2013 will hold a Doctoral Symposium. A specific call for contributions will be issued, in cooperation with the DC-2013


  • Full or Short Papers, Posters or Demonstrations: Proposals must be submitted on-line, in PDF, according to the ACM template (preserving the empty space in lieu of the ACM copyright note in the bottom left corner)
  • Submission: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ipres2013
  • Template: http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates
  • Workshops, Tutorials or Panels: Proposals must be submitted by email to ipres2013@ist.utl.pt

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